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This was the aircraft used by Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle and his raiders to bomb Tokyo during WWII.



The C-119G (N15501) in the collection is the one used in the movie, “Flight of the Phoenix”, a 2004 remake of the original 1965 movie.


Grumman TBM-3

Former President George Bush Sr. flew and was shot down in a TBM-3 during WWII. This aircraft was towed in the president’s inauguration parade.


T-28 North American Trainer

The C-119G (N15501) in the collection is the one used in the movie, “Flight of the Phoenix”, a 2004 remake of the original 1965 movie.

About Our Museum

coming-soon019a3ca00c38bdbe1eab3329be5ed0f3dbd5d2b6b28a90efa5pimgpsh_fullsize_distrA working Museum

“Looking at planes that are locked up with ropes around them is boring,” says Hans Lauridsen, the museum founder. “I would rather people coming into the museum see planes that are being worked on, with engine cowlings open.”


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We are currently located at the Buckeye Airport in Buckeye Arizona, where a majority of our planes are. If you happen to drop by, you will probably see us working on our airplanes, but no tours are available at this time. Our schedule varies, as activities at surrounding airports in Phoenix valley may cause us to be at another facility without notice.

Thank you for your interest.

Hans Lauridsen

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Our Volunteers

Hans Lauridsen

The creation of the museum wouldn’t be possible without the many hours donated by a wonderful group of dedicated volunteers. If you also feel you have time and talent that could help us bring the museum to fruition, please contact me personally.

Chuck Wood

Chuck was born in Sioux City, IA, but now lives in Sioux Falls.SD and Sun City, AZ. During WWII, he was one of 10,000 US Air Corp Aviation Cadets washed out in May 1945 when Congress decided to eliminate primary training for all cadets; he ended up in B-29 School. Over the years he has owned a Cessna and two Bonanzas. Chuck says, “My love for airplanes, especially old ones never wanes and my association with Hans and his Museum is a privilege and a labor of love.

Wiley Parker

Wiley is a world war II veteran who works almost daily to help restore the old aircraft. He lives in Sun City West where he is able to use the metal shop of the Recreation Center to help craft parts no longer available.

Will Knosha

Will Replaced skin and structure on the PBY-5A in May of 2007 while it was parked near the tower on the Glendale AZ airport.

Kevin Knutsen

Kevin Knutsen has spent his life in general aviation. He started his career flying gliders at the age of 14 and obtained his pilot’s license when he was just 16 years old. He is an ATP and IA and has several type ratings. His passion is flying and maintaining WWII warbirds and keeping them alive for future generations. His work as chief mechanic and pilot with Hans Lauridsen and the Lauridsen Aviation and Vehicle Museum fulfills that passion. He enjoys flying his helicopter and radio-controlled aircraft.

Bill Druey

Dave Brown

Recent Additions



With Engines Running


Consolidated PBY-5A

Also known as the Canso in Canadian service